Monday, March 12, 2007

Week 20, Thing 23

Well, phooey, I don't really want this to be over. It's been a fun addition to my everyday workload. I'd have to say my favorites from this exercise would be Librarything, the generators, Bloglines/RSS feeds, and Flicker. All of these make me want to spend more time on the computer either creating really bad puns with cartoon character images, or gleaning info. from the massive cyber world out there. (Now if I could just figure out how to add 4 hours to our standard day, I might even get some of the above mentioned accomplished)

I'd say that all of the above were take-away surprises. I just don't spend much time on a computer away from work, since I spend all day in front of one here, so creating a desire to sit in front of a computer screen at home is definitely a surprise. I can also see how a lot of the podcasts etc, could be very helpful at work. That's not really a surprise, but I think it could be a great help here and we should explore, explore, explore!

I really don't have any complaints about the way Learning 2.0 was set up. I'd almost want to make it mandatory (eeewww nasty word that mandatory!) though, because I know people who didn't try it and I think they're really missing out. On top of which I think they'd enjoy it if they'd just give it a try. I do know that if something like this was offered again, I would definitely participate!!!! Amazingly enough, I'd even do if free stuff wasn't involed! ;)

Week 9, Thing 22

Well I went to our site and peeked at
Animals and Their Moral Standing .
I know that many people are reading more and more materials online, but I guess I'm just old fashioned. I want the book in my hands. At least with a book, I can curl up in a comfy chair and read. Somehow a computer screen doesn't do it for me.

The World EBook Fair site was fun and it had some reviews which I like, but again, I can't see reading an entire book online. Admittedly its free and seems fairly easy to use, but my comfy chair and a fire keep calling me away from the computer. Still it's good to know that these resources are out there and FREE is always nice!

And now, gasp, say it isn't so... I move on to the 23rd thing! Feels like I going to be weeping and gnashing my teeth when it's all over!

Week 9, Thing 21

Well I added Libvibe to my bloglines account. It was fun to hear the "library news" even if the last broadcast was in November of 2006. It astounded me that Salinas was mentioned (even on a podcast!!!) due to the fending off of another fiscal hit to their libraries. (You'd think they'd learn from their past "almost closed down the libraries" fiasco, but apparently not!!) As far as "useful", I'm already a convert. I love attending seminars etc. at my desk instead of having to drive to some place else to get the latest and greatest. These could be done inhouse too if we wanted too. Hmmmmm

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Week 9, Thing 20

Well I'm going to revise the original blog for this "Thing". I'm still not that impressed with YouTube, but I did find a meaningful video that I liked. It's a tribute to the world trade center so be warned it is hard to watch. Having found this video, I guess I can see why people might spend some time at these sites, but I still think there's lots of time "surfing" for the videos you like and I'm not sure what the purpose (on a personal level) for doing that "surfing" would be. (If I confess to not even owning a video camera, perhaps you'll understand my point of view a bit better. ;) ) On a professional level, I can see how this could be more useful. Videos for processing or repair procedures, or for any other procedure where learning and retention would be aided by a visual could be a benefit.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Week 8 thing 19

Well librarything is fun. I was disappointed that LC was down when I was trying to search for book titles. I think I like the idea of finding other possible books to read via "libraries" other people have created the best and because of that I'd always use tags. Here's my link

There was some discussion about White Fang but not much on any of the others. Sigh! ;)

Week 8 Thing 18

Well I think that zoho, couldn't be easier, from signing up to creating a document, to posting it to my blog (see below). Wow Microsoft Word could take a few lessons!!!! I also tried out the calendar/to do list. We'll see how it works.

Well here is my 1st test document. I don't really have anything to "document" but it is fun laughing to see and easy word document being created on the "web" with out Microsoft. I'm going to try and see if this tool "thinks for me" the way Microsoft Word does. If not I may find that I like this one better, since the "thinking for me" always messes up my document. So here's a list of my favorite things (not necessarily in order wink)to experiment with:

  1. Wolves
  2. Dogs
  3. Ice cream
  4. Hiking
  5. Gardening
  6. Scrapbooking
  7. Cats (o.k., o.k. any critter really!)
  8. Jamaica

Well that was easy! No software trying to convince me that I HAVE to bullet the next line, even if I indent it. I think I may try to post this to my blog and see if that's as easy!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Week 7, Thing 17

Well it took me a bit to get logged on to the Favorite Blog section, mostly because I didn't read the whole exercise 1st and so I didn't have the password. DUH!!!! Oh well it's a good thing I plan to retire early, cuz I don't think the brain would last till 65! I did have fun posting to the Favorite Vacations Spots section. I do hope I did it correctly though. I just added on to the Vegas "page" It seemed somehow, like I should have created my own "section", but I decided that maybe that was too blogish and not wiki-ish enough so..... I think I addressed the library and wiki's question in the last blog, but procedure pages from our intranet might be nice.